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Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division

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The Mechanism-Disclosure x Friend Within

Disclosure keeps popping out the house dance jams but I’m a bit on the fence with this one. Solid beats but not quite as compelling as some of their earlier tracks.

Still quality though.

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Dallas Comic Con announced today that they will officially have a Firefly reunion with the entire cast from May 16-18, 2014.

The Vodka Made Me Do It (update)

Sort of season 4/5/future Warehouse AU thing. Check out the other insanity at The Vodka Made Me Do It  (the complete series). And yes, this is a slight crossover with the Lost universe. 

Your prison is walking through this world all alone

“You better let somebody love you before it’s too late.”

HG jerked awake, Nate’s parting words echoing in her ears.  She hadn’t seen the man or his charming daughter in nearly two years but that didn’t matter.   The longer she traveled the more true they became.

This morning she found herself in Sydney, Australia working on a case as a favor to Irene. She didn’t hunt for artifacts anymore, not really.  But it was the 10 years anniversary of a famous flight crash and even she knew that things could get out of hand easily at such emotionally charged events.  Helena had been in bronze when the Oceanic flight crashed but all of the survivors would in town today for the memorial dedication.

As would she.


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a very informational flowchart

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a very informational flowchart

rufuspfunk anamatics rondostar granadatheater

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Degenerate into Fables (update)

Refresh your memory of this dystopian space AU here Degenerate into Fables or read it all for the first time. Slowly but surely this will be finished. Thanks for reading!

Chapter 12

“How are things going Mr. Miller?” HG smiled and accepted a cup of tea.

“Fine, fine,” the older man practically shook with excitement at having guests.

“How long have you been out here in the Wildcat?” Myka asked from where she stood behind HG on the couch. The team had decided that they would be the ones to talk with Mr. Miller while the others prepped the ship.

“For longer than you’ve been alive young lady.” He winked.

“I was telling Officer Bering you’re something of a legend in The Retrograde.”

“No one knows these rocks like I do Officer Wells.”

“I’m sure,” Myka moved around the couch and stat down next to HG. “The moment something happens out here you’d know about it.”

“Of course,” he nodded, “like those ships that think I don’t see them racing past my mine at all hours of the night.”

“Other miners?”

“I thought so at first,” Miller looked at HG, “I finally got a good look at one a few nights ago.  I was out checking the bots on the far side of the rock.  I think this asteroid is about tapped out but I made doubly sure. Don’t want a repeat of Vega.”

“Of course not,” HG agreed.  Myka quirked an eyebrow but said nothing.

“There were a couple of ships cutting close to my rock. Neither were ore carriers for sure, too small.”


“Maybe,” he looked over a Myka. “But even the greenest first timer knows to get a ship with a Duranium hull. These looked more like ships you’d see closer to the Homeworld.”

HG pulled back her sleeve and opened her Com. “Can you describe the ships you saw?”

Miller spent the next few minutes giving as many details as he could recall while HG manipulated the stock image that the Com was projecting.

“That’s it!”

“Good job Mr. Miller.” HG smiled broadly. “You’ve helped out the Officers a great deal today.”


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